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This is a lemon, so therefore there are sexual situations, themes and somewhat naughty language contained in this story. If you don't like such things, please be mature about how you act. Danke~

You stand with your hands on your hips and glare into the small closet in front of you. You know this is your only chance to get into the places your boyfriend of three years doesn't like you knowing about, and you've been on a bit of a cleaning rampage since he left earlier that morning for the World Meeting. Ludwig's been so busy lately, he hasn't kept his house as clean as usual.

You've always wondered why your German boyfriend doesn't want you rummaging through his closet, and now you have your answer. You sigh and massage your temples. It's probably the most pristine area in the house, which means the brightly colored magazines are able to laugh at you from their poorly chosen hiding spot in the corner under Ludwig's clothes.

“Ludwig, this really can't be why you're so embarrassed...” You mutter to yourself as you kneel in the closet and pull the box of pornography out of the shadows.

You randomly choose one of the magazines and pull it out, nonchalantly flipping through it. It's nothing you haven't seen before; bare breasts, nude women posing, bedroom eyes, and pouty lips. You roll your eyes and replace the magazine. You're sorely disappointed if this is what Ludwig's been so keen to hide. You thought he wanted to hide something from his country's darker days from you due to guilt or shame, but this is just ridiculous.

Dragging the box with you, you stagger to the bed you share with the German. You scoot the basket of clean clothes you'd brought in with you to the side and set the box in the clear space. It's about time you confront your boyfriend's shy behavior, and what better way than to let him know you know about his secret stash. He won't be able to run from you this time, you'll make sure of that.

The clothes have lost most of their heat after your little distraction, but you still find yourself smiling as Ludwig's smell caresses your nose. No matter what kind of detergent you buy, his smell always lingers. You hum as you go about your work, hanging his clothes in his closet and setting yours in your dresser.

There's no telling how long a World Meeting will last, so on the days Ludwig has to go, you usually nap until he wakes you. Today, his magazines catch your attention when you finish your chores. You rub at your eyes, stifling a yawn, before sitting on the bed and allowing your curiosity to get the better of you.

The day passes quickly and you don't realize it's dark out until you hear the front door. You jump at the sound and glance at the clock. The time surprises you but you shrug it off. The only thing you can really say about the magazines is there're a lot, but nothing too embarrassing. You stretch and toss the one you were looking through back into the box and go to meet your boyfriend.

Ludwig smiles when he sees you. You frown at the tired look in his eyes and cross your arms while tapping your foot. He laughs under his breath, running a hand through his hair.

“Nothing vas decided today. They all argued or shouted nonsense the whole time, even zough I tried to keep zem on track,” Ludwig supplies as an explanation.

You sigh and walk up to him, standing on tip-toe to wrap your arms around his neck. He wraps his arms around your waist, leans down and captures your lips in a gentle kiss which you happily return.

“My strong German Ritter,” you murmur when he breaks the kiss. He blushes at the pet name you've given him, but his smile doesn't fade.

“Vell, if I am your knight, I must protect you, ja?”

You laugh when Ludwig scoops you into his strong arms.

“Ludwig, I can walk to our room on my own.”

Ludwig chuckles, about to reply when he notices the open closet and the box on your bed. He freezes, his cheeks turning a deep shade of red. You snap your fingers in front of his eyes.

“Hey, Ludwig? Snap out of it, honey. There's no reason to be embarrassed,” you say gently, running your knuckles down his cheek.

“Vhy did you go in mein closet? I thought I asked you not to, liebling.”

You huff and shake your head. “Why're you so embarrassed about sex, Ludwig? We've been together for three years. I think it's about time we talk about it.”

Your boyfriend sighs, continues into your room and sets you on the bed beside the incriminating box. His blue eyes look everywhere but at you. You grunt and grab his hands. He gasps when you use all your strength to pull him down on top of you. He catches himself, his hands on either side of your head. You glare at him, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his to keep him from moving.

“Ludwig, what is wrong? You're so confident in everything else, but when I mention anything sexual, you run from me! Obviously your sex drive is healthy, otherwise you wouldn't have all of those. So what's the problem? Is it me? Is there something wrong with me? Something you don't like? Do you—Mmph!”

Your eyes widen when Ludwig fiercely presses his lips against yours, his eyes meeting yours before yours slip shut. He licks at your lips, and you eagerly grant him access. He has no problem in dominating the kiss, wrestling your tongue back and exploring your mouth. You whimper at the feeling, causing him to pull back as if scalded, his eyes wide.

“Are you alright?”

You pout as you pant, “Of course I'm alright! You just surprised me, is all! But that's a good thing.”

“It's not you.”


Ludwig blushes and averts his eyes again before repeating, “It's not you. You're perfect in every vay.”

You tilt your head and wait for him to continue.

“I...don't know if I can give you vhat you deserve. You must know there've been a few vomen before you, und every single time, it's been nothing but awkvard,” Ludwig mutters, refusing to meet your gaze.

You reach up and gently flick the blonde's forehead. He finally meets your eyes, and this time you surprise him by pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips.

“Luddy, if it's you, then it's more than I deserve,” you whisper.

He pulls you into a hug, making you squeak when he squeezes too tightly. He laughs and lightens his grip, but instead of pulling away, nuzzles his nose against the crook of your neck. A shiver runs down your back to pool at the back of your spine, making you squirm when he continues his ministrations.

“Vhat did I do to be blessed vith you?” He murmurs, more to himself than you.

You're about to answer playfully when Ludwig's tongue runs up your neck to your ear. Your smart-aleck response turns into a mixture of a gasp and a whine. Ludwig's lips twitch at the noise before he gently bites your ear.

“L-Luddy...?” You breathe, hoping but not daring to believe.

He rumbles a soft reply, sending another spike of pleasure through your back. Your hands fly to the German's shoulders, desperate for stability. You bite your lip when he forces your hands to the bed, his hands wrapped tightly around your wrists.

You jerk your head to the side, allowing Ludwig more access to your neck. It's obvious to you that he's done something like this in the past from how skilled his tongue is, but you find it doesn't really bother you. You know he's the personification of a nation, and has been around for a long time, but he's chosen you, and he loves you.


Blue eyes watch you warily. You grin sheepishly in reply and receive a relieved sigh. You open your mouth to ask Ludwig a question until he brings his knees onto the bed and spreads your legs. A groan escapes your throat when he brushes against your core.

His hands slip under your shirt and lightly run across your stomach. Your body jerks at the faint stimulation, your sigh resembling a plead for more. Your shirt rises with his hands as they quest higher, his touch ghosting over your breasts and causing your nipples to stand at attention. The smirk he gives you would make you melt if you weren't already melting under his teasing fingers.

You gasp when his knee rubs against you again, your hips moving without your permission against him. He chuckles, repeating the motion and receiving the same reaction. His hands cup your breasts as his teeth find your ear again.

“I've kept you vaiting for a long time, haven't I?”

“Y-Yes,” you breathe, your hips jerking. “Luddy, don't be mean to me.”

“Of course not.”

Ludwig finds your nipples through your bra, the feel of the fabric against the sensitive skin making your chest arch towards your boyfriend. The German hums in pleasure at your reactions, taking his chance and slipping his hands around your back to unclasp your bra. His fingers tweak and squeeze the excited buds without a barrier.

You mewl and writhe under his hands and mouth, the sensations pooling in the pit of your stomach. Everything Ludwig is doing succeeds in driving you crazy, a haze of pleasure beginning to settle over your mind and he hasn't really even done anything! He has to notice how much of an effect he's having on you. You blush at the thought of being inexperienced compared to him. He seems to read your mind, squeezing your breasts to re-focus you.

“Don't vorry. Just trust me.”

You nod. He smiles, sits up, shrugs off his jacket and tugs his shirt over his head. Heat courses through your cheeks at the sight of your well-toned boyfriend. Ludwig notices your embarrassment and grins despite the light shade of pink across his nose.

“Like vhat you see?”

You bite your lip and sit up, wrapping one arm around the blonde's neck and dragging him into a heated kiss while your other hand runs across his abs and chest. He moans when your hand accidentally brushes one of his nipples. You withdraw your hand in fear, but he forces it back, his larger hand encompassing yours and showing you what he likes.

Ludwig's free hand lifts your shirt and bra, the kiss broken only long enough to remove the articles of clothing. For all your advances and frustration, the impact of the moment hits you with all the strength of a boulder, and your mind freezes, your arms moving to cover your chest. The German gives you a soft look, gently setting his hands over your arms. He kisses your forehead, your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, each corner of your mouth and finally your lips. He rubs his nose against yours, his eyes staring into yours with a promise of affection and love. Under his gentle actions, your arms relax, and Ludwig pins them to your sides, running his hands up your arms and back to your breasts.

You hesitantly lift your hands to his abdomen, throwing your head back with wide eyes when his mouth envelops one of your nipples. His tongue manipulates the bud in ways you didn't even know existed. His other hand massages your other breast before caressing your side, your stomach, your thigh, resting atop the button to your jeans. His mouth switches to your other breast; licking, sucking, flicking, and nibbling. You hiss at an exceptionally sharp bite.

“Luddy, careful!”

He blushes bright red, hiding his eyes behind his hair and giving the abused body part an apologetic kiss. You giggle, reaching out and ruffling his blonde locks.

“It's okay, just be a bit more careful, tiger.”

Ludwig's eyes flare at your words, startling you, but your thoughts are quickly thrown out the window when he unbuttons your jeans and slips them down your legs in a swift motion. You barely have the time to gasp when his fingers slip past your underwear and to your wet womanhood. You whimper when his fingers skim around the lips of your womanhood to your clitoris. You release a cry of pleasure, desperately clinging to the sheets. The blonde watches you, mouth slightly parted and panting. Your unrestrained cries of pleasure wash over him and fray his already thin patience.

He slips his one of his fingers into your opening, causing you to arch your back in a silent scream. His blue eyes catch every movement, every reaction, searching for the one that says you're in pain or aren't ready to go this far. His finger works your core, the slickness growing with your pleasure. A second finger follows the first when he realizes you're far from calling it quits. A smirk plays on his lips at your increased volume, wondering how loud you'll sound if he plays with your clitoris at the same time. His thumb finds the little bud, and your mind overloads at the stimulation.


The German is surprised by your sudden orgasm, but makes sure to help you ride the pleasure until you're nothing but a panting mess. Ludwig withdraws his hand, wiping your juices on his pants and crawling up your body to plant a kiss on your nose. You open your eyes and can't help but laugh.

“That was amazing, Luddy. I didn't know you could do that without...You know...” You flounder for the words. He grins in reply and shrugs.

It's not until your thigh brushes against his crotch that you realize you've been selfish. He hangs his head, gritting his teeth at the contact. You grin impishly and rub your leg against his clothed manhood again. He growls, clenching his hands.

“What can I do, mein Ritter?” You whisper seductively in his ear. Apparently your orgasm gives you unprecedented courage. Otherwise you'd never be able to tease your boyfriend like this.

The animalistic look Ludwig gives you rekindles the fading heat between your legs.

“How far are you villing to go, liebling?”

You smile and say, “As far as you want.”

He grunts, grabbing your wrists and pinning them above your head with one hand before he attacks your neck and chest with his mouth. His other hand works feverishly at his own pants. He kicks them off once they're loose, freeing himself and presenting his full glory to your hungry eyes. The blush that had been leaving your cheeks reappears with a fury when your eyes catch sight of him, a vague question of how he's going to fit inside you running through your mind.

Ludwig tears your soaked underwear from your legs, exposing you to the cold air. You hiss at the sensation on your soaked womanhood. Your gasp is immediately silenced by Ludwig's lips as he presses the tip of his cock against your entrance. His absolute need for you is conveyed through the action, his tongue pushing into your mouth and exploring every crevice. He wipes his mouth against his shoulder when he pulls away, his eyes asking you for permission even as his hips jerk slightly, pressing him a little deeper.

His only answer is your smile. He hangs his head, steadying his breathing as he slowly enters you. You tense, though you know it's probably a bad idea. You've heard that your first time is painful and that you'll bleed.

Ludwig pauses and murmurs, “Relax. If you don't, it'll hurt vorse.”

You whimper at the thought, but force your body to relax. He nods in approval, continuing to push past your tight entrance. The deeper he moves, the more uncomfortable it becomes for you, reaching dangerously close to the pain threshold. Ludwig shakes his head, throwing it back far enough for you to see the intense look of concentration on his face. You feel bad about causing him discomfort. He must want to move faster, but can you find a way to ignore the discomfort?

The German groans when he's fully sheathed in your body, resting his forehead against your shoulder. You move your head to the side, kiss his sweaty temple then give his ear a hesitant bite. He groans, his breath causing another flood of pleasure down your spine, which causes you to tighten your walls around him. He reflexively jerks his hips, somehow reaching deeper.

“Ludwig! D-Damn, just move already!”

Ludwig glances at you for any sign of pain before doing as you tell him, slipping halfway out of you before thrusting in again. He keeps a solid pace, afraid if he goes too fast, it won't be pleasurable for you. Every thrust drives deep into your core, though you feel nothing close to the pain described to you. After a few moments, the uncomfortable feeling fades, leaving a pleasant feeling that grows in strength. At an exceptionally deep thrust from your German boyfriend, you moan and thrust your hips to meet his. He groans at the feeling, taking it as his cue to move faster.

Your walls constrict around Ludwig with every thrust, trying to draw him deeper, the pleasure more than anything you've ever dreamed. You scream in pleasure when he hits an amazing spot you didn't know existed, your hips moving involuntarily against his.

“Harder!” You beg, wrapping your arms around Ludwig's arms and your legs around his legs. Ludwig happily complies, taking you to a new level of Cloud Nine when he repeatedly hits that wonderful spot. Your sounds of pleasure fill the room, only overshadowed by a loud 'thud' when Ludwig's box of magazines finally falls to the floor. Neither of you notice.

Ludwig's hands find yours and pin them to the bed, fingers intertwining with yours. A few particularly hard thrusts sends you over the edge again, and you scream Ludwig's name upon reaching that ultimate high. The blonde man shuts his eyes, reveling in the feeling of your walls pulsing around him, squeezing his own orgasm from him. He groans your name, freezing while the two of you ride the last waves of pleasure.

Sighing, he pulls out of you. You wriggle at the strange feeling of his seed dripping from you, and he smiles apologetically, reaching blindly behind him and finding his shirt. He hands it to you to use to clean yourself. You mentally sigh, thinking of the next batch of laundry, but that can wait until tomorrow you decide when Ludwig draws you into his arms and covers the two of you with the blanket and sheets.

Ich liebe dich,” Ludwig whispers in your ear, kissing the top of your head.

“I love you, too...” You murmur, a different type of warmth spreading through you as you fall asleep.
I think I've just decided on trying to write a lemon for each character in Hetalia whose personality I know well. I asked my friend who I should write about next, and she requested Germany, so thank her for this little tidbit.

This is going to be hard, making all these lemons different for each character. ^^;

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story (c) :iconkittykat2892:
You belong to :iconsexygermanyplz:

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